Now available from Camber Custom

Until now, I have only dealt with new customers face to face at shows as I like to go through stuff with them but I recognise that geography and business commitments can prevent artists from getting to some of the shows that I attend and I am also reducing the amount of shows I am at next year.

If you see a machine you like that I have up for sale, get in touch via facebook or instagram .

Then, I will send you more detailed photos and a video of it running loaded so you will get a real idea of what it runs like, including the volts and hz (cps) for the number junkies out there.

That way, you're not just buying a machine hoping it will do what you want, I figure this is the next best thing to trying it out yourself.

I will still only sell to studio registered artists ( private studios are ok ) and will require proof etc and I still won't be selling on ebay like some of the assemblers.

Unfortunately I don't accept paypal due to costs and their stupid policies and I do NOT ship anywhere other than England, Scotland or Wales. That's it. Sorry. Everywhere else has such crap postal services, I have had nightmares with stuff not getting places on time so it is easier to simply not ship there.

Genuine buyers are welcome to contact me to arrange a workshop visit to try out machines .

Meanwhile, all pics and videos of new builds will be going on to my instagram page @cambercustom  and also on my facebook business page "Camber Custom Tattoo Machines ".

Thanks for listening.

Available. Damascus steel liner. over 200 layers of steel in the side plates of this one. my regular 10 wrap shorty coils, my own coil cores as always, remember, I don't buy stuff in from other builders and assemble it, I make the stuff. My coil cores are my design with dimensions no one else uses, and I use only the best wire, also a different size to most others. There is a video of this one running over on my facebook business page Camber Custom Tattoo Machines, check it out. Get in touch over there if you want more pics and info, thanks.

Available. two pound coin WW1 tribute double dogleg machine. My usual coils, everything handmade as per and the coils are covered with genuine reptile skin which is sealed under heat shrink. This one is a shader. Catch me over on my facebook business page at Camber Custom Tattoo Machines and if you want more pics and video etc just let me know.