If you have one of my tattoo machines bought directly from me then you will have received with it a pair of allen keys and a 10mm spanner.  These are for adjusting or taking apart for cleaning the machine.

Some of you might have lost the piece of paper that had the adjustment instructions on it or indeed some never got one if I ran out at a show etc. so I figured I would put the instructions on here to make life easier all round.

Basically, my machines run with flat back springs, the tension is gained through adjusting the angle of the brass hexagonal saddle that the rear or main spring is bolted to. minute adjustments can be made using just the 10mm spanner to turn the brass hex part either way to add or reduce tension. actual adjustment should be only a tiny amount, no need to go mad. if you have any problems with this just get in touch, it's never a problem to go through stuff with you. Once you have done it a couple of times you'll soon get the hang of it. In fact, most people never bother with any adjustment as the machines come set up ready to use and they are happy with them.

Machine Adjustment Guide